April 2008

A discussion of New Parent/Scout leader orientation.
When Scouts transition from a Cub Scout Pack to a Boy Scout Troop, there are often unanswered questions and a sense of culture shock to the parent unfamiliar with the Boy Scouting Program.  We explore these differences and try to set the new parent at ease by giving answers and instruction up front. 

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For those of you that check out onlines message boards or forums, it may be of some interest that you can now communicate with me via the PTC media Forum.
As I am being rolled into the PTC media group with my podcasts… you can send messages, leave comments or suggestions on the board.

Another great way of getting the story of Scouting out there and a fantastic way for you to reach me.

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Due to my lack of computer skills.. I had to redo my itunes account so here is the new way to subscribe to my podcast.

I am sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone… as soon as I figure this computer thing out.. things will get smooth.


A discussion about Leadership.
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Show 6 is all about Leadership.  We discuss what makes good leaders and offer some tips for leadership development in your unit and making succeddful leaders in Scouting!

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The Scoutmaster minute podcast is now available on iTunes.
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Multiple topic Show, The Scout Oath.
Show 5 is complete and ready for your download.
The Show tackles multiple topics this time starting with the Scout Oath.  We talk about Pack and Troop relationships, The Outing rut, Goal Setting and we talk abit about bsalegal.org.

I hope you are enjoying the shows.  Please let me know how its going.

Happy Scouting!

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