October 2008

More on LEADERSHIP, This time we discuss 4 leadership traits of Courage, Competence, Candor, and Commitment.
Leaders are not born they are made.  It is important that we develop in our leaders these four leadership traits to ensure their success as a leader.

Of note:  I apologize for the month that I was away from podcasting.  Simply put, life got in the way, we are back on track and we should see a more regular schedule in the Scoutmaster minute podcast.
Thank you all for your patients.

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I have recieved a few emails regarding the show links, in particular the links for Shows 1-9.
The links are updated and should work now.
I must have not updated the links when I moved the server.

Thank you to all that have notified me of the problem.  I hope it all works for you now.

Thanks again- Have a Great Scouting Day!