Me and the Boys

Hi!  My name is Jerry and I am the Scoutmaster of Troop 664 in Gresham, OR.
A while back someone told me to write stuff down, to share my Scouting experience with other people.  And so I created a blog.  You can read it here.
That blog lead to some folks asking me to try my hand at podcasting, and that is where this site came from.

I suppose to let you know a bit about me,  I have been in Scouting nearly all my life.  I had the best opportunities to be a Scout as a youth in the Transatlantic Council while we lived in Holland.  It was Scouting like you can not imagine.  Later we
moved to Louisiana were Scouting took a sharp turn to an adventure in Backpacking.  This led to a life long love of Backpacking and the rest as they say is History.
One day, my oldest Son brought home a flyer to join Cub Scouts and our Scouting life started up again.  I have been an adult leader since then.
I have enjoyed serving as a Den leader, Cubmaster, and now the most rewarding position of all, Scoutmaster.

One Response to “About”

  1. David Says:


    Interesting site. When I get a chance I’ll review it under ScoutBlogs.


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